We at GasTech believe that if not treated properly, heat exchange systems that are relying on water for their efficiency can suffer from crucial problems.  Thus, we provide high quality and safe chemical products that are delivered and monitored in the most efficient way. Our specialist service team tries its level best to ensure that your system operates in the most efficient manner and is cost-effective.

In commercial offices, hospitals, factories and hotels there is a strong reliance on a complex network of water systems. If these water systems are not treated effectively then it can result in a system failure, break down or pose a serious risk to your health. Our specialist team at GasTech is well aware of the fact that HVAC heating and cooling systems can be choked with dirt. Consequently, it is likely to cause severe damage to your heating or cooling equipment that will require a hefty amount of money to get repaired.

We at GasTech provide high quality water treatment products for commercial and domestic establishments, so that our clients building services can run safely and efficiently. Our specialist team at GasTech is trained in providing tailored water hygiene monitoring programmes. We comply with ACoP L8 to ensure that your water system is free of any harmful contaminants. Our dedicated team at GasTech will also provide services for cleaning air conditioners and HVAC equipment to ensure that your water system is free from dust and other harmful contaminants.