We at GasTech understand the amount of frustration a person faces when there is a heating, air conditioning or ventilating equipment breaks down.  For this purpose GasTech provide repair heating & air conditioning for all sorts of equipment breakdowns.

There is no need to bear the summer heat or freeze to death in the cold as our diligent engineers are on hand 24/7 to ensure your repair is carried out as soon as possible. We assure you that the prices and packages we offer are going to be affordable for you.

Our trained engineers can repair heating & air conditioning mini splits, non-ducted heating systems, radiant panels, gas boilers and space heaters to name but a few. We can repair standard and custom made heating, cooling and ventilating equipment for homes, commercial offices, retail stores, high profile big multinational businesses and public buildings across the UK.

We can offer service level agreements (SLA) with fixed time response to any breakdown which will give you piece of mind should your repair heating & air conditioning be critical to your business.  Why not contact us to discuss your requirements further.