We at GasTech can supply, install or maintain gas boilers for a number of residential and commercial clients. We are aware that boiler efficiency is a must and thus we can provide you with a range of gas boilers installation and maintenance services at very competitive prices.

Gas Boiler Replacement: The need of gas boiler replacement comes when the gas boiler has been functioning poorly or has broken-down. If you have an old gas boiler that has a history of faults than we can provide you with an extensive report as to whether the boiler can be economically maintained in the future or should be replaced immediately. In case the gas boiler costs too much to be maintained or serviced then our specialist technicians can offer to design, supply and maintain a new high quality gas boiler that is also energy efficient.

Gas Boiler Installation and Maintenance: As gas boiler is a very important part of the HVAC equipment that we provide at GasTech, thus we make sure that the installation services we provide are up to the mark. When installing a new gas boiler our GasTech technicians carry out an extensive boiler safety and cleaning check to make sure that the gas boiler is operational and ready to run properly.

Gas Boiler Repairs: Our specialist technicians can provide swift and professional boiler repair services if your gas boiler is not working properly or has been damaged. There is no doubt that how frustrating it is to live without hot water and heating system especially in the UK where heating systems are a must. Thus our GasTech engineers try their best to fix the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The prices we offer are affordable and our specialist technicians can make your gas boiler up and running in no time.