FuranFlex Flue Liner is a relatively new invention and is the most efficient chimney restoration solution, which is available at GasTech. We at GasTech can supply and install the newly introduced FuranFlex chimney that is a relatively new and revolutionary invention and is a chimney lining system that is designed to solve a number of problems that are related to installing chimney lines. We assure you that it is going to be a perfect solution for your commercial or domestic establishment as it helps in condensing gas fires, boilers and is a perfect solution for other heating purposes.

Being in the building business for more than 10 years, we at GasTech understand that not all chimneys are of the same type rather they having their own design and shape. Thus, the primitive form of chimney lining systems may prove unfit for all sorts of modern chimney designs. For this reason we believe that FuranFlex chimney lining system can cater to all sorts of modern and traditional chimney sizes and shapes.

Furthermore, FuranFlex chimney lines are made up of robust material, thus once installed these chimney linings are as robust as steel and can help in avoiding corrosion and dust. In order to promote our energy efficiency programme when it comes to supplying and installing HVAC equipment we prefer FuranFlex as this chimney lining system not only improves the performance of boilers by making them more efficient but they also save gas from being excessively consumed. Our professional technicians are well trained in supplying, installing and maintaining this new invention.