We can provide high quality air conditioning and refrigeration units. We have a large selection of air conditioners from which you can choose, ranging from split AC, window air conditioners and many more varieties. The air conditioning units we supply are reliable and are manufactured by the top HVAC equipment manufacturing companies.

Due to global warming, there has been a rise in heating temperatures in the entire world. Even in a country like England where the weather is usually cold there has been an increase in the demand for installing air conditioning units in houses and commercial sector. The air conditioning units that are provided by GasTech are easy to install and maintain not only that but they are also very cost-efficient. Our air conditioning units are environment friendly, leading to reduced carbon emission and energy consumption. We provide the HVAC air conditioning units from the best brands and manufacturers to make sure that the equipment we supply to our clients is of top quality and reliable.

At GasTech, we can provide air conditioning supply, installation and maintenance services at economical prices. Our specialist technicians are friendly and can swiftly install, repair and maintain your air conditioning units for residential and commercial applications. Here is a small list of air conditioning and refrigerating equipment we offer at GasTech.

Air conditioning supply: At GasTech, our professional engineers can supply and install various types of air conditioning equipment, from window air conditioner to single unit air conditioner, split AC, tower air conditioners and cassette air conditioners and furnaces, for many industries and offices across the UK. We, at GasTech, pride ourselves in providing tailor made air conditioning units that are available in standard and custom sizes. We know every client has a separate taste and requirements thus we can design air conditioners and cooling systems as per the individual client’s demand.

Air conditioning replacement: Our experienced technicians are aware of the fact that most residential and commercial establishments find it essential to replace there air conditioning units when the equipment has become so faulty and old that the estimated cost of repair is too expensive. A new system is said to be 60% more efficient than the existing old air conditioning unit that has been in place for around 10 years. As new equipment also enables you to save on your utility bills thus, it is a good decision to replace the air conditioning unit when it is no longer efficient. Replacement can help you save more as the advancement in various HAVC technologies enables the air conditioning unit to be more energy efficient, thus cutting your cooling bills.

Air conditioning Units maintenance: If your home is uncomfortable then it means that your air conditioning or rather HVAC equipment is not working properly. This is because your air conditioning equipment is not operating properly. Thus, we at GasTech believe in providing periodic or annual air conditioning service maintenance contracts. Our diligent technicians while carrying out the maintenance activity will endeavour to use duct and vent cleaning equipment so that there are no duct problems or insulation that is not adequate. If there are duct contaminants as a result of air condition dust or water leakage then your house environment cannot be eco-friendly. Our specialist team can thus provide various air conditioning maintenance services that range from checking the efficiency of air conditioner to providing air and duct cleaning services and installing the system properly so that your house or office environment can remain eco-friendly and healthy, thus saving your time and money.