A greener, more sustainable fuel

Increasing levels of atmospheric CO² and the insecurity of foreign energy supplies means we all need to start thinking of alternatives to traditional fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal. Biomass is an available, viable and sustainable alternative that provides as much heat as you need without the need for the sun to shine or the wind to blow, providing heat when you need it most, on cold dark winters nights.

Save money

A biomass system operating with the RHI can significantly reduce the running costs of your heating system over traditional fossil fuels.

Money savings table

Start to generate revenue from the fuel you use

The Renewable Heat Incentive is operated by OFGEM and backed by the government.  A return on investment of around 30% is possible with a typical payback period 
of 4 years.

Why choose EnergyTech?

Knowledge & Experience

At Energy Tech, we have extensive industry exposure. Our experience of delivering valuable assistance concerning the installation, maintenance and repair of biomass heating systems spans over a considerable period of 20 years.

A Perfect Fit

We provide services that are industry based and customer-specific. We extend our complete support and assistance during all stages of service provision, to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

Our solutions are individually tailored and are perfect for agricultural and rural businesses as well as retail, hotels and large domestic premises. Bio Mass boiler installations can give up to 50% saving on heating costs and up to 100% reduction in CO² emissions as well as earning you up to 8.6 pence per kilowatt hour of heat generated for the next 20 years with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments.

Customer Satisfaction

With an impressive portfolio and unparalleled quality of service provision, Energy Tech today enjoys a reputable position in the industry, as well as, among our diverse client base.

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