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Energy Tech is a leading supplier of first-rate quality biomass products. At Energy Tech, we design, supply and install a wide range of high-performing biomass heating systems, in order to provide you with cost-efficient and sustainable energy solutions. Energy Tech biomass heating systems are available at highly competitive prices, and can efficiently fulfil diverse heating requirements.

Our biomass heating systems are designed to employ the use of wood pellets, chips or logs as fuel and can be used to heat a single room, as well as, to power central heating systems or hot water boilers.

Our experience and extensive industry exposure enable us to select and deliver biomass heating systems that promise durability and high-performance. Having a long standing partnership with leading Austrian biomass heating system manufacturers for over five years, we are able to deliver products that comply with the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

We primarily deal in the delivery and supply of two main kinds of biomass boilers including: