The experts in cost effective, sustainable and carbon neutral biomass solutions.

At Energy Tech, we aim at delivering high efficient and cost-effective energy solutions to diverse industries and sectors, across a broad range. Hence, in order to meet our objective of emerging as a leading supplier of cost-efficient and sustainable energy solutions, we primarily deal in the provision of biomass heating systems and installations. Through the provision of carbon neutral biomass heating equipment, we also aim to promote environmental conservation in addition to energy efficiency.
Energy Tech operates under the umbrella of GFA Ltd. to provide a wide range of customers with efficient and environment-friendly heating options.

At Energy Tech, we have adopted a progressive approach to ensure the wide scale provision of biomass heating equipment and systems across diverse industries and sectors. We specialise in biomass heating equipment supply to farming industry, SME industrial sector, as well as, rural and residential sectors.

Reasons to choose Biomass

  • Cost Effeciency

    Biomass fuel has shown improved results to decrease the running cost of heating equipment, particularly when availed along with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, as introduced by the UK Government. This sustainable and renewable energy source can significantly reduce your energy costs.
  • Sustainability

    Biomass is a sustainable energy source and using this fuel, you are to actually contribute towards maintain carbon balance. CO2 levels in the environment are kept in equilibrium through maintaining the rates of tree combustion for obtaining biomass fuel and CO2 absorption by the newly planted trees.
  • Reduce C02 emissions

    Biomass fuel releases less carbon dioxide, as compared to other energy sources. A biomass heating system releases less CO2, up to 60%, as compared to other heating equipment and installations.
  • Generate revenue

    RHI scheme, as elaborated earlier, offers financial incentives to the users of biomass fuel, as an energy source. Investing in the installation an employment of biomass-powered heating equipment, you can earn up to 30% return on your investment, under the RHI scheme.

Why choose EnergyTech?

  • Experience

    We hold extensive experience in the installation and supply of biomass heating equipment and presently, we have to our credit the installation of more 50 biomass heating systems. Hence, we have the expertise to provide you with a biomass heating system that adequately fulfils your requirements.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Qualified and professional engineers at Energy Tech are always available for your assistance and offer complete assistance concerning the operation of your biomass heating equipment.
  • Full service

    At Energy Tech, our complete range of services include the provision of assistance and facilities for the design and installation of biomass heating equipment, commission and supply of biomass fuel and maintenance and repair services.
  • Fuel supply

    We also offer assistance to arrange for biomass fuel supply for the operation of your heating equipment. In addition, to further add to your convenience, we help you with the installation of a monitoring mechanism to provide you access to automated biomass fuel supply.

How Biomass works

Biomass energy is energy derived from plants, such as wood. The heat generated by burning this fuel is used to boil water to heat your home. CO2 and water vapour are released into the atmosphere during the process which generates rain.

The charcoal left over from the burning process can also be used to put nutrients and minerals back into the earth. All the outputs are used by the trees to grow therefore creating a sustainable energy source.

How Biomass works